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IV Therapy & Vitamin Injections

Our bodies need water, vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes to function efficiently and stay healthy. Water and essential nutrients are lost through daily activities like breathing, sweating, drinking alcohol, exercise, and waste elimination and they need to be replenished. IV hydration and vitamin infusion therapy offers valuable advantages over-consuming water and oral nutritional supplements. IV therapy is fast-acting and absorption of vitamins/minerals is 100% vs. oral supplementation which is about 25%. So come and enjoy IV vitamin therapy in our spa-like clinic today!

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Essential Hydration

Lactated Ringers Solution to drench your cells when you've stayed out in the sun a little too long. (add any of our vitamin or medication add on's to customize your hydration) * additional add on fee

Fountain of Youth

Lactated Ringers with B-Complex, High dose Vitamin C (25,000mg), Magnesium, Selenium, and Glutathione. A combination of supplements for wellness, anti-aging, and longevity. High-dose vitamin C and glutathione to improve overall skin quality.

Immunity Booster

Lactated Ringers Solution with B-Complex, A good dose of Vitamin C (7500mg), and Zinc. All the necessary ingredients as we head into cold and flu season, for an added boost to our immune system!

Meyer's - Straight Up

Lactated Ringers Solution, Magnesium, B-Complex, Vitamin C (1500mg), Zinc, Glutathione, and B12. For all that ails you, from fatigue, depression, fibromyalgia to colds and flu. The gold standard in IV infusion therapy.

Migraine/Hangover Fix

Lactated Ringer's solution, Magnesium, B-Complex, Toradol, Zofran. Studies show magnesium is a great treatment for migraines. And to get you on your feet faster, we add a medication blend for anti-nausea and inflammation.

NAD+(Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide) - $500.00

250mg NAD+ infusion administered over a 2 hour period. NAD+ is a coenzyme found in all body cells to help speed up chemical reactions. It is a vital electron carrier that powers our mitochondria to generate energy and perform cellular processes. NAD+ levels decline over 50% by age 40. Get your body back up to speed with an NAD+ infusion.

The Good Life

Lactated Ringer's solution, B-Complex, B12, Taurine, Selenium, and Tri-aminos. For those who want to live the good life, reenergized, rejuvenated, and vital.

Ascorbic Acid Add On – $25.00

B12 Add-on – $25.00

B12 MIC – $25.00

B-complex Add-on – $25.00

Glutathione Add On – $25.00

Magnesium Chloride

Taurine Add On



Additional Services

1000cc Additional Fluid – $50.00

500cc Additional Fluid – $30.00

Benadryl (Anti-Histamine) – $25.00

Pepcid (Antacid) – $25.00

Toradol (Pain, Inflammation) – $25.00

Zofran (Anti-Nausea) – $25.00

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